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Anarchy in the NYC 4/20/13

Hello, As always thanks to everyone who keeps up with my adventures spreading the message of Consciousness and Agorism! Knowing that the message is well received makes it easier to keep going and spreading the... Read More...
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Website updates, Interviews!

Hello, First off, Thank you so much to everyone who continues to support my activism endeavors. Things are only going to get bigger so stay tuned! You may have noticed I have a new logo! There were some color... Read More...
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Is Being Offended REALLY Bullshit?!?!

One of the more popular phrases touted by host of Adam Vs. The Man, Adam Kokesh, is "Being Offended is Fucking Bullshit!". Adam has this phrase on shirts, bright pink with a middle finger firmly planted in your... Read More...
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Opting Out with AVTM

Yesterday concluded "National Opt Out and Film the TSA Week" around the country. On Sunday the 25th I went to Reagan Airport to pick up Adam Kokesh after the National End The Fed Rally in Arkansas. Both of us w... Read More...