“The most neglected sector of libertarian opinion might also be the most intellectually fruitful. It was pioneered by late-19th century anarchists and elaborated on by Samuel Konkin and Karl Hess in the 1970s. The new book by Derrick Broze and John Vibes is an excellent update to this outlook that takes account of the dramatic changes of the digital age. Their view is not about politics but rather its absence, and about the astonishing capacity of the social order to manage itself in absence of top-down control. See if you find this outlook compelling. If you love liberty, I think you will.” – Economist Jeffrey Tucker

Manifesto of the Free Humans is the third and final book in The Conscious Resistance trilogy from Derrick Broze and John Vibes. Manifesto was officially released on April 7, 2017.

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Manifesto of the Free Humans explores the concepts outlined in the first two books of The Conscious Resistance series, including Anarchism, Agorism, community building, spiritual healing, property rights, animal rights, and methods of resisting the State. Broze and Vibes first explore the history of America’s individual Anarchist movement and Josiah Warren’s (America’s first Individualist Anarchist) concept of Sovereignty of the Individual. The two authors also explore the history of the philosophy of Agorism and update the ideas for the digital age.

In part 2 the book looks at possibility of coexistence between those who believe in private property and those who reject the notion, as well as other important areas of conflict and possibilities for mutual agreement. The final part of the book outlines their vision for an intentional community that will launch by 2020. The last chapters are dedicated to outlining how this community will attempt to live the message of The Conscious Resistance, or Holistic Anarchism.

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Manifesto of the Free Humans
By John Vibes & Derrick Broze

Part 1: A Strategy for Defeating the State

1. Overcoming the Fear of Freedom

2. What is Agorism?

3. Vertical and Horizontal Agorism

4. Spontaneous Order in The Marketplace

5. Agorism Is Not Anarcho-Capitalism

Part 2: Our Vision of a Stateless Society

6. Providing Public Services Peacefully

7. Stewardship of The Earth

8. The Authoritarian Right and Left

9. Panarchist Experiments: Can Propertarians & Non-Propertarians Co-Exist?

10. The Revolutionary Potential of “Illegal” Immigrants

Part 3: Creating Conscious Agoras

11. Sovereignty of The Individual

12. PermAgora

13. Strong Hearts and Revolutionary Minds

14. Mobility vs. Homesteading

15. Getting Off The Control Grid and Defending The Agora


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