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Derrick Broze’s Upcoming Speaking Events

Derrick Broze’s 2018 Speaking Engagements:

February 15-18 – Anarchapulco (Acapulco, Mexico) Topic: Why Are All the Anarchists Fucked Up?

February 22-25Envision Fest (Costa Rica) Topics: What is Holistic Activism?; Building Community with Freedom Cells

March 17Meeting of the Minds New York City, Topic: Holistic Activism

March 27 –  The Tao Te Ching of Voluntaryism (Texarkana, Texas)

April 6-8Lucidity Festival (Santa Barbara, California) 2 talks and a panel

April 14Meeting of the Minds Los Angeles, Topic: Holistic Activism

Elevation Tour
April 24-25 – Porto, Portugal
April 26-27 – Lisbon, Portugal
April 28-29 – Madrid, Spain
April 30-May 1 – Barcelona, Spain

May 3-6Libertopia (San Diego, California) Topic: What is Holistic Anarchism?

May 18 – September 27 – The Liberate Your Mind U.S. Tour (For details on The Liberate Your Mind U.S. Tour click here!)

June 21-23 Mid-West Peace and Liberty Fest (Delton, Michigan)

August 1-5Jackalope Freedom Fest (Arizona)

August 23-26Sweet Grass and Sage Burn Festival (Michigan)

October 28Art Outside Campout Festival (Austin, Texas) (cancelled)

December 21Under the Veil Festival (Houston, Texas)