Thanks to everyone who supported our first national tour! We couldn’t have done this without your support. Altogether, we visited 48 cities over 9 weeks! If you want to help us plan 2018 or make sure we host an event in your city, please contact:

 In June 2017, Derrick Broze, co-author of The Conscious Resistance series, will launch his first nationwide tour focused on promoting a decentralized life via Agorism, Permaculture, Freedom Cells, and Meditation. Broze will be joined by members of The Houston Free Thinkers as they travel the country spreading their message of liberation, empowerment, community building, and solutions! The tour is sponsored by (Full Details Below!) 

(Watch the extended version of the Texas portion of the Decentralize Your Life Tour!)

The Decentralize Your Life Tour 2017

Gulf Coast Tour 

June 1 – Houston, Texas

June 2 – Austin, TX

June 3 – San Antonio, TX

June 4 – Corpus Christi, TX

June 5 – Laredo, TX

June 7 – El Paso, TX

June 8 – Lubbock, TX

June 9 – Dallas, TX

June 10 – Texas Freedom Grounds

June 11 – Ben Wheeler, Texas

June 12 – Texarkana, Texas

June 13 – New Orleans, Louisiana

West Coast/Mid-West Tour

July 13 – Albuquerque, NM

July 14 – Sedona, Arizona

July 15 – Phoenix, AZ

July 16 – San Diego, California

July 17 – Orange County, CA

July 19 – Los Angeles, CA

July 20 – Acton, CA

July 21 – Santa Cruz, CA

July 22 – Oakland, CA

July 23 – San Francisco, CA

July 24 – Trinidad, CA

July 26 – Reno, Nevada

July 27 – Salt Lake City, Utah

July 28 – Las Vegas, Nevada

July 31, August 1, 2 – Jackalope Fest (AZ)

August 3- Durango, Colorado

August 4 – Walsenburg, CO

August 5 – Denver, CO

August 7 – Kansas City, Missouri

August 8-  Twin Cities, Minnesota

August 9 – Stevens Point, Wisconsin

August 10 – Milwaukee, WI

August 11 – Chicago, Illinois

August 12 – Flint, Michigan

August 13 – Cleveland, Ohio

August 14 – Cincinnati, OH

August 15 – Nashville, Tennessee

August 16 – Tulsa, Oklahoma

East Coast Tour

October 7 – Gainesville, FL

October 8 – Miami, Florida

October 9 – Orlando, Florida

October 11 – Baltimore, MD

October 12 – Philadelphia, PA

October 13 – New York City

October 14 – Northampton, Massachusetts

October 15 – Washington D.C.

October 16 – Asheville, NC

October 17 – Atlanta, GA

October 20 – Houston, TX

Full Details:

Day Time The first element is known as an “Action Day”. We are immensely inspired by the action day movement and want to incorporate similar activities into our tour. We don’t want to just come to your community to spread our ideas – we want to contribute to your community! Our goal is to spend the afternoon doing homeless outreach, cleaning up a park, building a garden, or planting trees! We plan to visit community farms and permaculture projects around the country when possible.

Evening EventWe will begin the event with a fifteen minute guided meditation. Afterwards, Johnny and Jeffer will share their experience living in The Free Thinker House in Houston and participating in a Freedom Cell. They will share tips on how to create your own FCs.

Second, Derrick will talk about the new book Manifesto of the Free Humans, Agorism, journalism, and Freedom Cells.

Finally, Jeffer and Johnny will both play some of their songs to close out the night! We want the event to represent all of the elements of the Conscious Resistance: mindfulness, solutions, community, and music.


Volunteer/Facilitator help:

We are looking for help from at least one person in each city to help us coordinate the Action Day and an evening meditation/speaking event.

Can you help? Email