Derrick Broze catches up with journalist and author Whitney Webb to discuss her new books One Nation Under Blackmail.



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3 Responses

  1. Jorge

    Hi Derrick

    Thanks for such an amazing work you’ve done through the years…

    Just a simple questions

    Is there a way I can download this and other podcasts so that I can listen them offline? While driving?

  2. Chuck

    Hello Humanity and other Earthlings, Hello survivors of mass murders for power and money…
    Is this a wordpress comment frame? I have trouble logging into wordpress some times.
    I’d like to introduce the concept of galactic organized crime here. There is a lot of Evidence now that Human Beings are not now nor have we been in charge here in Earth. There are institutions like the museum of natural history in DC that are ACTIVELY obfuscating the evidence and have been for a very long time.
    … If I am correct then one or more cultures who use planets like Earth and beings like Humans to gather and refine resources in stars like Sol own Earth Mars and Venus… maybe even our star? Human Beings seem to me to be GMO, breed for usefulness and specialization, domesticated and closely managed here in Earth and perhaps in other solar systems. If this is so then I can see a whole ecosystem or economy on a galactic scale that mirrors those seen in Earth in a very fractal sort of way.
    … you can hear where I am going?
    So thank you Derrick Broze and Whitney Webb for this presentation and all the hard work
    chuck ???

  3. Wild Island Cat

    Brilliant conversation, much thanks. You are both correct. If we do not understand how this global network runs, we can never hope to be free of it.

    In my younger years, I spent a bit of time in the world of these people, and truthfully, never suspected a thing. Without the in-depth research Whitney has, and continues to do, we might never have really understood how this was all constructed, and how it is now running.

    Profound gratitude.


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