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Every weekend I post all of my content from the previous week. You can always my content at my Contently page but I will also post it right HERE.

In addition to my own content I am going to start posting a “Best From Around the Web” list of articles, videos, and interviews which caught my attention throughout the week. Be sure to bookmark this page and check it periodically for updates on my work and my thoughts.

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The Conscious Resistance Network

Another Doctors Without Borders Hospital Bombed

TCR Live: GeoEngineering, Secrets of the NDAA 2016, CISA Surveillance Threat

Ben Swann’s Truth In Media

USDA Approves New Monsanto Corn 

Obama Administration Continues to Fight Release of Gitmo Force Feeding Videos 

Military Judge Denies New Lawyer for 9/11 Suspect as Trial Delays Continue

The Anti Media

Why Is the IRS Spying on Americans’ Phone Calls?

Senate Holds Hearing on GMO Labeling, but Only Hears One Side of the Debate 

Bombshell: Documents Show Witness Lied to Get Chevron out of Billions in Fines 

Proof the USDA Would Rather Protect Pesticide Makers than Save the Bees

Mint Press News

From Psilocybin To MDMA: Researchers Are In The Throes Of A Psychedelic Revival 

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