This week a video of a mother holding a belt to her child while he starts virtual kindergarten has sparked a passionate debate between parents who believe in spanking and those who are opposed to it. Vanessa and Danny discuss corporal punishment this week on Sovereign Lovestream.


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  1. Cynthia Idi

    NOT spank. I’m an old lady who was raised for some years by foster mom who never spanked– she had been a lieutenant in the navy and very self disciplined. When I got older and had kids I didn’t spank. Like my foster mom I just disciplined. For example when she discovered we were spending our milk money for candy, we didn’t get milk money any more. We had to drink water at school lunch. Likewise, when my daughter kept getting mad and slammed her bedroom door, I asked her in a firm way to not do it any more. When she insisted on doing this, I removed the door.. no privacy for her any more but I just don’t believe in violence. My foster mom said there’s no such thing as a bad child. there are only bad parents. That’s how I tried to live my life– self disciplined. And when problems arose which I wasn’t sure how to handle, I prayed (I meditate too!) and sought resources (great books at library!) So– did I never spank? Occasionally I did at first because I came from a very violent home before foster care and that model was there. But I sought to overcome it completely and I did


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