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Every weekend I TRY to post all of my content from the previous week. You can also find my content at Contently. Thanks for the support!

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The Conscious Resistance Network

TCR 12/20/15: Legalizing the Surveillance State, Cannabis Refugees, Abolition

Cody Wilson Explains DefenseDistributed vs. U.S. State Department

Finding Freedom in an Age of Confusion (New Book!)

Abolitionist vs Anarchist


The Anti Media

A Whistleblower Just Exposed How the Government Spies on Your Cell Phone

Scientists Say Airplane Contrails May Be Accidentally Geoengineering the Climate

Lawsuit Unleashes Documents Alleging FDA Covered up Risks of GMOs Since 1991

Can Jet Fuel Really Melt Steel Beams? The 9/11 Truth Debate Rages On

We Interviewed the Man Who Claims to Have Saved Nikola Tesla’s Secrets


Ben Swann’s Truth In Media

Coming soon:

Lawmakers, Activists Showing Support for 3D Printed Guns

Judge Allows USDA Whistleblower’s Claim to Move Forward

John McAfee Will Seek Libertarian Party Nomination for President


MintPress News

Coming soon:

Battle Over 3D Printed Weapons Turning into Free Speech Fight