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Hello friends,

Every weekend I TRY to post all of my content from the previous week.  It’s been a few weeks so here are my recent pieces for the last 3 weeks. You can also find my content at Contently.  Thanks for the support!

– D

The Conscious Resistance Network

Here’s Why I Don’t Vote…

(VIDEO) Julian Assange Calls on British Government to Let Him Go

(VIDEO) What’s the deal with the Zika Virus?!?!?

(VIDEO) Judge Suspends Operating License for Belo Monte Dam in Brazilian Amazon 

(VIDEO) Stingray Surveillance Almost to the Supreme Court 

(VIDEO) Two Stories the Obama Admin Wants to Keep Secret

Mint Press News

The Battle Continues To Stop Yucca Mountain From Becoming A Nuclear Waste Dump
Ben Swann’s Truth In Media

Julian Assange Calls on British and Swedish Governments to Drop Investigations

Did U.S. Marshals Really Arrest a Houston Man for Unpaid Student Loans?

NSA’s SKYNET Program May Be Killing Innocent People

Anti Media

The CIA Has Been Lying to Its Own Employees for Decades 

The NYPD is Spying on Your Cell Phone and It’s Worse Than You Thought 

First Nationally Televised Libertarian Party Debate to Take Place in March

Sacred Native American Lands Could Become Nuclear Waste Dump

These Cops Are so Fed Up with Corruption They’re Suing Their Own Department

Federal Court Rules You Can Be Arrested Simply for Filming the Police

Oil Industry Spewing Cancer-Causing Chemical into Houston Neighborhoods

Activist Post

Yet Another Person Guilty Of Terrorism After Being Set Up By The FBI

The Department Of Justice Prepares To Step Up War On Domestic Extremists

The Fight Over Operation Fast And Furious Records Is Not Over

John McCain Confronted (Again) For Theft Of Sacred Lands