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Every weekend I TRY to post all of my content from the previous week.  It’s been a few weeks so here are most of my recent pieces. You can also find my content at Contently.  Thanks for the support!

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The Conscious Resistance Network

Responding to Kyle Rearden


Who is Josiah Warren?

What is Standard Operating Procedure 303?

The Anti Media

VICTORY! Judge Suspends Operating License for Belo Monte Dam in Brazilian Amazon

TPP Trade Deal Will Cost US 448,000 Jobs, Say Researchers

Obama Admin Doesn’t Want Anyone Seeing the Guantanamo Force-Feeding Videos

Obama is Trying to Keep Program that Armed Drug Cartels Secret, Judge Says Otherwise

Scientists Receive Approval to Genetically Engineer Human Embryos

Activist Post

U.K. Town Moves Forward With Fluoridated Milk For Children

Don’t Fall For The Police Body Camera Deception

Criminal Bank HSBC Fined $470 Million For 2008 Financial Crisis

Ben Swann’s Truth In Media

Why is the House Judiciary Committee Meeting in Private to Discuss the FISA Act?

DOCUMENTS: Brazilian Company Knew Failed Dam Was at Risk

Bipartisan Coalition of Lawmakers Introduce Anti-Surveillance Bills

Stingray Surveillance Case Reaches Federal Appeals Court

Trade Ministers Sign TPP Trade Agreement in New Zealand Amid Massive Protests

Halalt First Nation Files Lawsuits Against Paper Mill for Allegedly Polluting River

Documents Reveal Anaheim, Calif. Police Using Airborne ‘Stingray’ Surveillance Fleet



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