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Beat: TimeFlexProductions
Mix and Master: Emissary (@livefreelevi)
Lyrics: Derrick Broze
Thumbnail Photo: Tasha Kamrowski from Pexels

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I woke up this morning feeling I had something to say,
I got doubts on my mind, it’s time to let them fly away.
It’s time to unlearn poison and heal broken hearts,
Go back to the end, it’s time for a fresh start.
This is the place we can atone for our sins,
This is the place where our hero’s journey begins.
A space between love and hate, where there’s no escape,
From our fate, rather than be irate, let’s create,
Let’s build – the better world we know is possible.
I’ve got no fear cause we can overcome any obstacle,
I stare all my demons in the face – I’ll show you what’s possible.
I send love from my heart – I’m intuitive not illogical.
It’s just lately I’ve been searching for deeper meaning,
I’m sick of drugs, booze, mindless sex, and criminals scheming,
Feels like I should have more at this point and time,
I’m talking knowledge not money – I’m trying to feed my mind!

Open up all 3 of my eyes and fly to the heavens,
During my meditation I see my life in chapters of 7,
I connect to my inner child to heal my wounds,
I remember those I’ve lost to dope – gone too soon.
My life flashes before my, a collage of joy and pain,
I remember the highs, the low, I swear I’m going insane,
I’m trying to wrap my mind around this journey,
Spent too much time worrying about things that don’t concern me,
No more, time wasted not chasing my dreams,
I wake up everyday knowing this world ain’t what it seems,
We gotta find our own path, we gotta make our own meaning,
Cause we can’t be sure, we might be dreaming!
All I know is when I look in your eyes I see myself,
I’m just a reflection of your impression of my higher self,
Could it be that our whole reason for being, our existence,
Is a lesson to teach us over and over until we get this?
You Are Powerful, You Are Beautiful, You Are Free,
Shake off your chains, your were blind but now you see!
Grandfather, help us remember where we come from,
Grandmother, walk with us until this battle is won.

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