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The internet can be a wonderful, beautiful place filled with endless opportunities for education and empowerment. It can also be a place filled with jerks, trolls, shills, and haters. It doesn’t take long for a spectacular day to be ruined once you find yourself sucked into another online debate. Hours pass and you realize there were far more constructive ways to spend your time. In honor of your precious time, TCRN would like to offer you 7 helpful tips. Enjoy.

1. It’s a sign that you can’t make friends in the real world. Everyone else can clearly see you spend a lot of time online, and not doing productive or social things. This is a sign you don’t get along with others. This is a sign they won’t get along with you. Your subconscious thinks about this and already suspects this goes on in their minds and makes you more nervous. The surest way to never do well with people is to isolate yourself and blame them for not seeing what a unique, brave, individualist genius you are. It becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

2. The internet is one of the worst places to try to soapbox. Aside from trolls and general lack of authority/ trust on the internet, companies keep people boxed in based on their prior interests anyway, greatly reducing the amount of new people you’ll ever reach.

3. You could be working towards a personal goal. Do you want to be more fit? Do you want to be a writer? Do you want to learn a new skill from an online course? You can do all this and much more while you’re not trying to convert people to your cause on the internet.

4. You could be spending this time doing something far more pleasant. Why not call your friends up, or better yet, family?

5. The person you are today will impact the person you are tomorrow. Be mindful each day of about the sort of person you’re becoming. Going down the slippery slope to becoming bitter and alone is preventable.

6. It’s not all about the information. Most people who aren’t activists will never be activists until something fundamental changes in their lives, enabling them to see value in committing time and resources towards a cause. Why should they care about the Federal Reserve if their life is wrapped up by thinking about relatives abroad and paying for college?

7. Being obsessed with an ideology is self-limiting. By committing your identity as a libertarian, Marxist, anarchist, Christian or Mexican, the mind becomes limited in how it can experience the richness of the world and see the worthy characteristics within others. Discriminating against potential friends simply for disagreeing also isn’t a good filter for life. Philosophical stance has no correlation with what a person follows through on. Using philosophical stance as a filter for screening negative people from you is therefore unadvisable.

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