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What is the “Conscious Resistance”?

Being free goes deeper than just seeing the problems in the political arena. Consciously Resisting is to engage in self-reflection, and pursue knowledge of the self. Without knowing our own doubts, hopes, fears, dreams, insecurities, and strengths we can not truly know what freedom means to us as an individual. To become conscious, and aware of one’s actions is one of the most important steps towards claiming your own freedom.

Motto: “Leading by example and helping others in their pursuit of Freedom.”

Originally The Conscious Resistance website revolved around the work of journalist Derrick Broze. However, in November 2013 Derrick and Neil Radimaker partnered up and relaunched the brand as The Conscious Resistance “Network”.

The Conscious Resistance Network is now an independent media organization focused on empowering individuals through education, philosophy, health, and community organizing. We work to create a world where corporate and state power does not rule over the lives of free human beings.

TCRN aims to be a unique network of hard-hitting educational broadcasts, documentaries, interviews, podcasts, and articles exploring political corruption, corporate malfeasance, activist battles and victories. TCRN also focuses on solutions like permaculture, trauma healing, decentralized privacy technology, community organizing, meditation, mental and physical health, Agorism, Voluntaryism, and the Exit and Build strategy.

TCRN is always looking to add new hosts and programs to our lineup. If you are interested in being a part of our network please contact us for more details.

New to our website? Want to understand the philosophy we promote? Check out these posts to get to know our goals:

Further thoughts on “The Conscious Resistance” from Neil Radimaker: 

The Conscious Resistance is finding the awareness of what you are seeking to gather into a singular understanding of one’s self; of what you stand for and/or against. To analyze a “natural self” inside of a constantly bombarded, fearful “unnatural self”. If we are to adhere to self-governance we must first seek to understand “who we are”, and what we truly believe. To separate the dark from the light aspects within the actions we undertake on a daily basis. This is key to directing our self-discipline into having an honest understanding of self within ourselves.

How we think directs us! The Conscious Resistance helps us self-direct those thoughts and fears into a positive direction and action.

The origins of the word ‘conscious’ date back to the late 16th century in the sense of ‘being aware of wrongdoing”; in Latin “knowing with others or in oneself”. While the origin of “Resistance” comes from late Latin “resistentia”, is “hold back”.

We can honestly say The Conscious Resistance literally means: “To hold back wrongdoing

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