Here are highlights from my best celebrity interviews, activism activity, homeless outreach, and comedic videos of the past year, featuring:
• Pastor Joel Osteen
• Congresswoman Debbie Schultz
• Congressman Adam Schiff
• Famed attorney Gloria Allred
• Actress Marlo Thomas
• Activist Ralph Nader
• Reporter Maria Shriver
• Journalist Abby Martin of Breaking The Set
• Former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark
• News Anchor Gary Franchi of The Reality Report
• Activist Luke Rudkowski Of We Are Change
• Filmmaker Sean Stone
• Journalist Ben Swann
• Former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson
• Journalist Glenn Greenwald
• Former NFL Player Chris Kluwe
• Actress Meredith Baxter
• Bestselling Author Terry McMillan
• Rap duo A-Alikes
• Singer Philip Bailey of Earth Wind & Fire
• Scott Campbell Jr. of show Deadliest Catch
• Richard Gage of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
• Comedian Rob Delaney
• Activist Adam Kokesh
• Bestselling author Barbara Ehrenreich
• Bestselling author John Perkins
• Comedian Lee Camp of Redacted Tonight
• Los Angeles mayor Eric Garcetti
and more!

Thanks to The Conscious Resistance for all you do to empower independent activists like me.

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