We all wish wish we could use our work to shape the world around us and make it a better place.. especially by doing the things we are passionate about.

Well, I love to be the bearer of good news… because we can! Yes, that’s a thing. It’s called agorism: an innovative way of using intelligence and economics as a strategy for change.

In this video I talk about what agorism is, its inestimable manifestations, reasons why it is such an empowering tool towards solutions, and a few examples of how it works in the real world.

About The Author

Agorist. Freedom lover. Computer Nerd. Musician. Entrepreneur. Blogger. I love exploring, learning, and sharing ideas towards freedom.. on the physical, mental, and spiritual level. My goal is to help bring inspiration and motivation for individuals to empower themselves and work towards conscious solutions of worldly problems.

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