The Conscious Resistance Network & JUST NEWS Present:

The Protectors of Oak Flat Takes On Corporate Lawmakers

The Apache Stronghold traveled across the nation to spread awareness about the struggle to save the sacred Oak Flat area from a copper mining operation. Derrick Broze of The Conscious Resistance Network met up with members and supporters of the Apache Stronghold in Bylas, Arizona when their cross-country caravan returned from Washington D.C. in July 2015.


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John McCain Saves Oak Flat

Caravan Arrives in DC (RT)

Rep. Salmon Speaks in Support of the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and
Conservation Act of 2013

Paul Gosar Questions with Rep from Earthworks
The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act Committee Hearing
(March 21, 2013)

The Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act Committee Hearing
(March 21, 2013) 2

Rep. Paul Gosar Introduces The Arizona Land Sovereignty Act (April 16, 2013

Congressman Paul Gosar on 8 PBS Arizona

Apache Stronghold Visits Congressman Gosar

7/21/15 Apache Stronghold delivers Sacred Staff & Prayers to the U.S capitol

RAW: Navajo activists chase off John McCain for ‘stealing their land’

Protesting Az Sen John McCain visit to Navajo Rez

Naelyn Pike: 14 year-old Apache warrior for justice & Mother Earth speaks.

Young Warrior Woman Part I

USA: Apache Stronghold Caravan protests outside US Capitol in D.C.


Grandmothers in Gosar’s office

Grandmother & Man in Gosar’s office

Oak Flat Loop Picture

Mine Sketch

Oak Flat Campground Tonto National Forest

McCain Indian Killer

Diné Confront John McCain in Action to Protect Water and Sacred Sites

McCain’s Reign Contaminates

McCain Protects Oakflat

Senator McCain to Photograph Seeker Holding “Protect Oak Flat” Sign: “Get Out of Here, Now!”

Two teens holding Protect Oak flat sign

Stop Resolution Copper Mining

We Think Seven Generations Ahead

History Will Not Absolve You

Oak Flat Cave In Zone Map

Protect Oak Flat March

Oak Flat Apache protesters

Kids Protect Oak Flat / Grandmothers Protect Oak Flat

Resolution = Pollution

Absolutely Do Not Support

Man Walking in Front of Caravan

Paul Gosar & Mr. America

Paul Gosar Headshot

Conference Kickoff Speaker Spotlight: Congressman Paul Gosar, DDS


Nakai: Earth Spirit – Native American Music

Traditional Western Apache Song

Apache song – Tatanka

Free Leonard Peltier – AIM Song

Apache Sunrise Dance

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