Today concludes my stay in the Virginia/D.C. area and my time with the crew of Adam Vs The Man. It has been one hell of a ride. In the past month I have been able to support Adam Kokesh by attending his trial, as well as hosting the show AVTM Live. I have met range of amazing supportive individuals along the way. I was able to attend the final sentencing of Bradley Manning, and scream in support as the military dragged him from the court room. That morning I met, interviewed and chatted for several hours with Dr. Cornel West and Christopher Hedges. The experiences here were inspiring, and some times disheartening. Either way, I am thankful for them and look forward to what is coming. In a couple hours I am catching a bus to Philadelphia for the night and then on to New York City for the remainder of the week to support 9/11 Truth. Once more, thanks to everyone who continues to support my efforts. Houston, I am almost home.

Here is a complete playlist of all the segments I did for AVTM Live between August 12th and September 3rd 2013. Enjoy.

– DB

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