Have you “come out of the closet” with your beliefs? How did it go? Or do you prefer to let people figure it out over time. Are you still completely hidden? I talk briefly about my experience. It’s been a very gradual and ongoing process for me.

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  1. Inside McFloogle's Mind / If You Don’t Like Socialism, Return the Checks!

    […] I’m trying to get a little more active on social media. It isn’t easy for me because I’ve honestly never really liked it. My profile picture is from about 8 years ago and all my “about” information is probably outdated and incorrect. However, over the past few months one of our friends, Katy Khaos, has had several vlog posts asking other anarchists what do they do to spread the word. Even as recently as today she posted this video asking how other anarchists have “come out“. […]

  2. Gen Agustsson

    i am 99% apolitical anarchist and i don’t know how long i was like that but maybe i was born indoctrinated!


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