The Crimes Against Humanity Tour features 90 minute presentations by Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, Dr. Richard M. Fleming, Dr. Judy Mikovits and Patrick Wood.


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LEGAL proceedings are under way in many countries questioning the effects of lockdowns, coercive vaccination campaigns and widespread censorship as the only solutions to the global pandemic. As the dust clears and information emerges it has become evident that Crimes Against Humanity are being committed. The 9-city seminar tour is the dawn of a global movement to present factual evidence by legal and medical professionals via live events directly to the public. Focusing on the pandemic from a global perspective, the events highlight the fact that all nations need to coordinate actions in order to overcome this common threat to humanity. In the words of Dr. Reiner Fuellmich, “There is no cavalry coming to save us… We are the cavalry”.

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Meet the Speakers:

Dr. Reiner Fuellmich has won major court cases against corrupt international corporations such as Deutsche Bank, Volkswagen and Kuehne Nagel during his 29-year career as trial lawyer practicing in both Germany and California. As head of the Corona Investigative Committee in Germany, Dr. Fuellmich has led an investigation into the global pandemic. Hundreds of medical and legal professionals from all over the world have provided evidence, witness testimonies and support for the massive investigative undertaking which began in July 2020.

Findings of the global investigation are being presented via a series of live-streamed events called “Grand Jury Proceeding by the People’s Court of Opinion” independent of governments and non-governmental organizations. Dr. Fuellmich and a team of international lawyers presented opening statements on February 5th, 2022 and continue to present vast amounts of evidence exposing Crimes Against Humanity under the guise of a global pandemic. Click here for more on Dr. Reiner Fuellmich.

Dr. Richard M. Fleming presents evidence that SARS-CoV-2 which causes COVID-19 is a man-made bioweapon and not a random act of nature. He follows the money trail and unmasks the individuals and organizations who funded Gain-of-Function research weaponizing coronaviruses by increasing transmissability and lethality to humans.

Dr. Fleming draws on 53 years of research in the fields of Physics and Medicine to expose the flaws in medical protocols being used to treat hospitalized patients contributing to increasing mortality rates. If SARS-CoV-2 was created in a laboratory and unleashed upon humanity, was it to usher in the experimental vaccination campaign worldwide?

Dr. Richard M. Fleming is a Physicist, Nuclear Cardiologist and holds a law degree. He has published over 400 papers, abstracts, chapters in medical textbooks and has authored 26 medical books designed for the general public and medical professionals. Click here for more on Dr. Richard M. Fleming.

Dr. Judy Mikovits is the New York Times best-selling author of Plague of Corruption, Plague and The Case Against Masks. From her doctoral thesis, which changed the treatment of HIV-AIDS, saving the lives of millions, to her spectacular discovery of a new family of human retroviruses, and her latest research which points to a new golden age of health, Dr. Mikovits has always been on the leading edge of science.

Her latest book Ending Plague: A Scholar’s Obligation in an Age of Corruption is yet another exposé of the personalities and arguments which have been kept from view behind the iron curtain of public health. Can we say our scientists are protecting us, or is another agenda at work? Time has proven Dr. Mikovits correct on everything she predicted in early 2020 about the global pandemic including the origins of the virus, recently revealed information on the spike protein and the lockdowns crushing entire economies. Click here for more on Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Patrick Wood will examine the history, planning and actors of what will likely become known as the greatest war against humanity and civilization the world has ever seen.

Crimes against humanity take place within the context of war. Since January 2020, the world has been under viscous assault by an evil consortium of global Technocrats and Transhumanists. The initial weapons were a bioengineered virus and an experimental mRNA injection, combined with what Technocrats defined in the 1930’s as the “Science of Social Engineering”. The short-term results are foretold by the World Economic Forum’s proclamation that by 2030, “You will own nothing and be happy.”

Mr. Wood is an Economist, Financial Analyst, lecturer and author who has studied the policies of elitist organizations such as the Trilateral Commission since the late 1970’s. He is a leading expert on historic and modern Technocracy, Transhumanism, Sustainable Development. Click here for more on Patrick Wood.

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The Crimes Against Humanity speakers are available for pre-event media engagements including Skype / telephonic / written interviews for live / pre-recorded radio shows, magazine editorials, newspaper articles, websites and large social media communities. During the tour, opportunities for in-studio television / radio interviews in each city can be arranged with prior notification.

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4 Responses

  1. Jen Brennan

    Nice to see another view… perhaps the truth!! Like Genocide, Stop Ecocide, started by the late great Polly Higgins, is also a Crime Against Humanity. Is it too complicated to include the knowing desecration/destruction of the natural environment by deliberate or negligent human action for monetary gains????

  2. Debbie Nieuwkerk

    I bought a ticket to the June 4th Crimes against Humanity presentation in Atlantic City, NJ. On June 1st I received an email from Nash Singh advising that the event was cancelled. I replied the same day that I would like a refund. I have not been refunded and my emails to Nash Singh go unanswered. Buyer beware.

  3. Nathan

    I had the same experience as Debbie. I also bought a ticket to the June 4th Crimes against Humanity presentation in Atlantic City. On June 1st I also received an email from Nash Singh advising that the event was cancelled. I also replied that I would like a refund. And like Debbie, I, too, have not been refunded.

  4. Leslie

    I purchased a ticket to the Tampa Florida Crimes Against Humanity Tour and I was sent an email that the event was canceled. I requested a refund and there was no response. These people are liars and grifters posing as our spiritual betters. There will be a karmic boomerang for these crimes of fraud and theft.


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