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Counter-Economics: How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State


How To Opt Out of the Technocratic State

By Derrick Broze,

Inspired by the work of Samuel Konkin III

In his upcoming 5th book, journalist and author Derrick Broze will provide tips and ideas for liberating yourself from the technocratic smart grid. Derrick will start by expanding upon the philosophy of counter-economics as established by author Samuel Konkin III. From there he will discuss current technologies that threaten liberty and privacy, and offer solutions for opting out of the coming social credit system, 5g smart grid, and much more.


In 1974, activist and author Samuel Edward Konkin III first outlined the strategy of using the underground, or counter-economy, as a way to starve the State of resources. He believed this counter-economy could create independently wealthy black and gray market entrepreneurs that could create alternatives to the State and lay the foundation for a future stateless society. He called this strategy counter-economics. He called his combination of libertarian philosophy and counter-economic strategy Agorism.

In 1979, Konkin released his first book The New Libertarian Manifesto. His second book, An Agorist Primer, was released following his death, and recently his final unfinished book, Counter-Economics, has been released to the public. Now, author and journalist Derrick Broze has taken inspiration from the finished chapters of Konkin’s final work and updated the message for the digital age. Broze’s new book is packed with fresh evidence in support of the power of counter-economics and tips on building counter-economic communities. Broze also asks important questions for anyone trying to avoid the increasingly watchful eyes of the State.

What does it mean to be a counter-economist in the Age of The Surveillance State? How can one participate in the underground economy when Big Brother is always watching? Will it be possible to starve the state once social credit scores become mandatory?

These questions and more are answered in this new book. Part breakdown of the history of counter-economics, part guide to practicing counter-economics, part strategy for avoiding surveillance, and full on polemic against the State, don’t miss Derrick Broze’s latest book, Counter-Economics: How to Opt-Out of the Technocratic State.

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