Derrick Broze breaks down what to expect from the global response to the spread of COVID-19.

Show Notes:

Woman who survived coronavirus shares her early symptoms

“Get Ready”: Italian Doctors Warn Europe of Devastating COVID-19 Impact on Hospitals

Young and Unafraid of the Coronavirus Pandemic? Good for You. Now Stop Killing People

Spain May Be Considering Lockdown of Madrid to Contain COVID-19

US Will Be in Lockdown Like Italy in Less Than Two Weeks, Computer Scientist Claims

The Whole of Italy Now Under Lockdown as Country Tries to Contain COVID-19 Outbreak

Israel Considers Ban on All Visitors Entering Country Over COVID-19 Outbreak as West Bank Goes Into Lockdown

South Korea’s COVID-19 Infection Rate Falls Without Citywide Lockdowns

Singapore facing “serious situation” but no plans for a lockdown, says PM Lee in COVID-19 address

Singapore Wins Praise For Its COVID-19 Strategy. The US Does Not

Maryland Gov. Activates National Guard, Closes Schools & Ports After Confirming Community Spread of COVID-19

National Guard Deployed as New York City Suburb Sets up COVID-19 Containment Zone

New York National Guard Troops Deployed in New Rochelle to Assist COVID-19 Effort

Wuhan Doctor Says Chinese Officials Muzzled Her for Sharing COVID-19 Report on WeChat

Rarely Used in Modern Times, Quarantine Laws Give US Officials Wide-Ranging Powers

China Says US Army May Have Released COVID-19 in Wuhan

Iranian General Claims COVID-19 Outbreak Could Be US Biological Attack

Venezuela’s Maduro: COVID-19 Could Be Biological Warfare Weapon

MIT biologist says fear mongering on coronavirus will go down as biggest fraud to manipulate economies

Flu figures show 125 child deaths, record-high hospitalizations in young children

As the coronavirus epidemic spreads, the CDC says 136 kids have died from the flu this season — the highest on record in a decade

Immunization Agenda 2030: A Global Strategy to Leave No One Behind

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