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In February 2020, Derrick Broze started reporting on COVID-19. Within weeks of the “global pandemic” declaration, he began speaking out against the push for medical martial law and censorship. Derrick’s reports have been primarily focused on the flaws of the PCR method, the lies surrounding case counting, and the misinformation regarding masks and vaccines. As a result, he produced numerous reports, including a mini-documentary titled The PCR Deception. In October 2020, The TCRN YouTube channel, which had more than 65K subscribers, was deleted due to Derrick’s reporting on COVID-19. This censorship of alternative viewpoints is concerning, and it highlights the need for independent and decentralized media. Despite this setback, The Conscious Resistance Network continues to advocate for individual liberty, self-determination, and mutual aid, and remains committed to promoting alternative views and raising awareness about important issues affecting society.

The PCR Deception

The Conscious Resistance Network presents: The PCR Deception Researched, written,...

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