I hope you are all well. In the interest of making all of my work more easily accessible (and shareable!) I am compiling all of my work for the last seven days. Please read/watch and share.

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  • Derrick Broze

– The Last American Vagabond (Articles) –

Joe Biden’s Coronavirus Task Force Is a Rockefeller, Council on Foreign Relations, Gates Foundation Swamp

New Hampshire Releases Bombshell Report Questioning Safety of 5G

– The Conscious Resistance Network (videos) –

#Election2020 The Plan Is Set – Don’t Fall For The Trap!

The CDC is Planning Quarantine Camps for Americans

Dark Trace, Cyber Reason, and Dark Winter

Investigation: Facial Recognition at Schools is Growing Due to COV*D1984

Free Thinker Radio (11/10/20): Do We Even Need a President??

Amazon Ring and Police Are Building a Neighborhood Surveillance Network

Talk to Your Neighbors, Reject Authoritarianism!

TCR Live #116: Vaccines For Concerts, Vatican Sex Abuse, and Biden’s Task Force

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