Hello friends,

I just wanted to pop in to say thank you for supporting all my work. The last month has been really busy for me as I have committed to doing what I can to provide some clarity during the COVID-19 pandemic. I have worked to interview doctors, journalists, and important guests to shine a light on the various angles of this event. I hope you have been enjoying. I have a few more interviews planned for this coming week and then I will be taking a “break” for the month of May. I will still be releasing content, but not nearly to the degree I have been this month. I hope I can still count on your support.

Thanks for everything!

– Derrick Broze

The Conscious Resistance Network (Videos)

Exploring the Benefits of High Dose Vitamin C with Dr. Richard Cheng

YouTube Censoring COVID Truth, FB Blocking Lockdown Protests

The Truth About India’s Totalitarian Response to COVID19

So About That 5G-60 GHz-COVID19 Connection…

Is The Germ Theory Still Valid? w/ Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Deep Dive: The Finders FBI Files #3 (Pt 1)

#EmptyHospitals and Mandatory Masks in Houston???

YouTube Removed Our VC Video, Here’s Where To Find It!

Epstein’s First Victim Names Names: Trump, Clinton, Rothschild!


The Mind Unleashed (Articles)

Attorney General Barr Blocks Release of 9/11 Documents Despite Promises to Victims’ Families

The Future of a Free Humanity Depends on Our Actions Today

One of Epstein’s Earliest Victims Says Trump, Clintons, Dershowitz, and Rothschilds All Involved


MintPress News (Live Stream)

COVID-19 Palantir’s Surveillance System In Line with George Orwell’s 1984

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  1. Alice Lillie

    Saw part of the vid a few days ago with Jeff Diest of the Mises Institute. Very good, want to see the whole thing but can’t find it now. Ol’ Zuck must have taken it down. Where will I find it?


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