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Derrick Broze breaks down a recent statement from General Perna related to Operation Warp Speed and the distribution of the COVID vaccine.

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Briefing with Senior Officials on Operation Warp Speed and COVID-19 Vaccines

Trump’s Health Secretary Nominee Is An Establishment Big Pharma Exec

Trump Appoints Big Pharma Exec Connected To Bill Gates To Head Vaccine Developments

4 Responses

  1. Just Amanda

    I didn’t take what he said as in all Americans must be vaccinated rather we like it or not….I took what he said in the context of meaning that the Jurisdictions must give all Americans a vaccine if they want one, no matter if they are poor or not.

  2. Wendy

    I’m a nurse at a large LTC facility in WA state. We keep testing our patients and NOT ONE HAS HAD THIS VIRUS. They are dying from boredom and loneliness it’s inhuman

  3. Leslie Kendall

    He’s just saying every jurisdiction will have the number of vaccines that they’ll need.


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