Derrick Broze breaks down his latest article regarding statements made by US politicians about the danger of DNA testing and the creation of gene-specific bioweapons.

How Your DNA Tests Could Make You a Target for Bioweapons

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2 Responses

  1. Gary Smith

    We are looking for an intentional freedom loving community to join in Mexico. Already have the “Permanente” and some money to invest in land etc.
    Please send us some info and would like to visit your community. Thank you

  2. Chris Arnold

    Have you ever looked into the Rothschild family?

    Me, knowing about super wealthy people being involved in several organizations set out to ultimately reduce population and globalize government to control, and in my opinion enslave humanity- a hypothesis I feel us inevitable based on human nature and the advancements of technology(My Grandpa was in the CIA as a military contractor(learned as he was on his deathbed, always said that the US military is always 20 years advanced in technology than the general population and that all of the technology accessible to the public is basically hand-down technology, things the military had access to long before we, the public, did). From the information I have seen the Rothschild family is allegedly the richest family in the world, so wealthy that how much wealth they actually control is unkown(within the family, not any one person). 20 years ago when I was looking into them I found a source claiming that they owned an estimated 50% of global wealth. Being this family owns the majority of nearly, if not every, centralized banking system across the globe. I know they are the family that started centralized banks in countries across the globe. I would imagine that they would be the top of the pyramid among the super wealthy planning and working towards gaining control over the global population in a centrally global government. If so it’s likely that the evidence of this, the Rothschild Family behind this push, leading the charge, would try their best to keep that, them as the head, as secret as possible, not leaving a trail that would trace back to them. I would also, based on photos leaked about family parties they had somewhere within the 50’s to the late 60’s, would hypothesize that they are into satanic-like occult practices. There has of course been accusations of this from people claiming they were in the family and abused in very evil and sexual ways for what they claimed was to basically break their children mentally, causing split personalities, which also in a way matched a mask featured in one of those leaked pictures that one of the guests were wearing(the two faced mask). From what I remember there was also a centerpiece on the dining table that at least was dressed to look as a baby human sacrifice.

    As for things mentioned specifically in this report from you, you said you are worried about Russia. I know that information is a very tricky thing to navigate, there is no person that is not vulnerable to believing/accepting false information and propaganda. I have a very good source by the name of Robert Barnes, a lawyer who definitely seems to be a stand-up guy, honest, for the people like you and has a massive amount of very accurate knowledge in very important areas too. From what I gather your not really into the US parties, neither is he or a better way to explain him is he is fluid for the political parties. As in he used to vote for Democrats, now he votes for Republicans(not just anyone of course), but he has no problem calling out either party, in fact he says that the Republican party used to be the major party in the US pushing authoritarianism as well as extremely corrupt and as the Democrat party is today, using the government to basically frame people and lock them away, have people on the left killed, etc. While he definitely states that in no way does he suggest that Putin and Russia is not a Saint and that Russia is of course not a country for freedom he also says that the majority of what we, in the US and collective west, know about Putin and Russia during Putin’s control is propaganda from the west. I’ve heard him say that the entire reason Putin became the leader of Russia was because Russian Oligarchs and US Politicians and government officials were working together in a very corrupt way basically robbing Russia and it’s citizens blind so Putin stepped in to stop that and gave these Oligarchs two options, either stop robbing the citizens of Russia and working with the US or the government will seize everything you own. He also said that Putin is actually a conservative Christian. Robert Barnes is definitely not a person that makes things up, when he makes a statement of fact in such a manner it’s because he has seen the evidence to confirm it. He knows a vast amount of information about the corruption in our country, the US. Not sure what you know about the Ukraine/Russia War but him, and a few other very good sources I have found, like channel: “The Duran” on YouTube, and channel “The Dive with Jackson Hinkle” on YouTube, all saying the same things as Barnes and with tons of supporting evidence, as in they don’t just make the claim that the entire war is because of the US and the West trying to expand NATO to the East up against the Russian border. And this conflict goes all the way back to the 50’s, when Germany joined NATO. This part I have confirmed myself, when Germany joined NATO, of course being on the border of Russia, this realy upset Russia and so negotiations took place to avoid conflict/war. Someone from the US that was negotiating with the Russian officials put an offer on the table that if they allowed Germany to join NATO that the US and NATO would promise to expand no further eastward towards the Russian border and that Ukraine would remain neutral and the Russians warned that if NATO or the West were to ever try to mess around in Ukraine and align them with the US/West and NATO that this would force Russia and Ukraine to goto war with eachother because they are not going to allow NATO or the west to put Russia in a place where Russia is vulnerable to the West and NATO. The Russians agreed to these terms based on that promise/agreement which was verbally offered by the US official who of course agreed also. But, when the US officials came back to the US, Bush senior did not like these terms and said that he, the US would not agree to these terms. And so a treaty was drafted and signed by all parties and leaving that agreement out of the treaty. The major problem being no one ever updated Russia that the US and NATO do not agree to the terms that their US official offered Russia and made a verbal agreement, so the Russians, under the impression that the verbal agreement struck with the US official was still an agreement and that agreement is the only reason the Russians signed the treaty. I’m sure you are well aware of what our government, the UK, the CIA and US politicians, like the Biden’s as one example, have been doing in Ukraine for the past decade. Zelensky himself, more information from Barnes, has a 30 year history being involved with the CIA and their, Ukraine, election was rigged to put him in power against the will of the majority of the citizens in Ukraine which is literally filled with Russians, they speak Russian.

    There is far more information than I could possibly retain, to learn more, if you don’t already know these things, check out those two YouTube Channels and you can find Robert Barnes on channel “Viva Frei” which is both on YouTube and Rumble but as of lately their content is shifting to Rumble, as in there is new content there that isn’t on YouTube, for reason I don’t even need to explain, you know all about YouTube. They, Barnes and Viva, also have a locals page, VivaBarnesLaw, also worth a look, only $5.

    Another great source, dealing with completely different subjects but still surrounding government corruption in the US, another guy as sharp and knowledgeable as Barnes, YouTube Channel “America’s Untold Stories”, this guy, always on the right(two people, again) is the one that knows everything and they cover a range of topics offering up information that most people don’t know. As one example there is all kinds of information there about the CIA infiltrating Hollywood, and more information than I can absorb on the JFK assassination and detailed information about a ton of people that connect to the JFK assassination. Recently Tucker claimed to have a source that has seen the files himself and said that Lee Harvey Oswald was literally a CIA agent and was on a mission 3 month prior to the Kennedy assisanation. But from the guy on the channel I just mentioned I learned that the FBI and Secret Service were also heavily involved in planning and carrying out the Kennedy assassination.


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