Derrick Broze interview Dr. Joseph Mercola about The Great Reset, the growth of technocracy, cryptocurrency, Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory and more. Dr. Mercola will be speaking at the upcoming event The Greater Reset Activation. Find out more:

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8 Responses

  1. Matt

    The Terrain Theory question was sorta confused by too many devisive parts. I dont see terrain theory is an automatic
    Covid 19 denial.
    Terrain Theory simply says that in modern times what we believe are symptoms are in reality the after effects of our immune system ridding our bodies of necrotic tissue.

    Also Corbett already covered the bitcoin Psyop.
    The Facebook Crypto is the same or worse.
    Blockchain is the security system. The Coins etc. and the good Dr. is fully missing the Currency problem. He is contradicting himself by saying “Bitcoin is to hold and never spend?” Wtf good is it then?
    Cool I have a Hundred Bit Coin could you spare some food? It is obvious just by the ups and downs that Bitcoin and the like are being manipulated like the Stock Market.

  2. Gary

    I watched this video on Bitchute andhave the same concerns as the previous comment. Also the fact that the proof of this ‘virus’ being fake, substantiated by numerous Freedom Of Information requests, is central to this issue and not a ‘distraction’. I left these comments on Bitchute and noted that the comments were overwhelmingly questioning the good? Doctor’s opinions. These comments were largely from informed individuals, with very few from the usual trolls who comment on that platform. The video is now removed from Bitchute Why? My intuitive concerns about Joseph Mercola have now multiplied and am wondering why The Conscious Resistance is apparently censoring free speech.

  3. Gary

    Hmmm.. now its back up on Bitchute. All the previous comments are gone of course, but the new comments are raising the same questions. I’m not going to spend any more time with this ‘distraction’ but my spidey senses have definitely been tingled.

  4. Richard

    Thanks Gary. I agree with your comments. Dr. Mercola’s dismissal of Terrain Theory and the fact that no virus has ever been isolated should have been challenged by Derrick. The issue is not a distraction but central to every virus and vaccination scam in history. Mercola is just a vitamin salesman. Unfortunately I used to buy his BS. I just unsubscribed from his newsletter because he has proven to me that he is a distraction from the truth. There is no pandemic.

  5. Gary

    Thanks for your response to my comment Richard. I’m trying not to dismiss Dr Mercola’s perspective completely, as there is no pandemic but there is a plandemic, and I think the more dogs we have in this fight against our common enemy the better chance we have of surviving the pharmaceutical onslaught. I do agree with him on vitamin D being essential, especially due to the ‘global dimming’ and consequent lack of sunlight from the ongoing geoengineering programs (weather warfare) , being perpetrated by the very same suspects (some of Bill Gates favourite recipients of his philanthropic (not!) billions). Mercola’s dismissal of Dr’s Kaufman and Cowen, just seemed arrogant and brash to me and got me wondering about his motivations and intentions. For the reason stated above I’m not trying to sow dissent amongst the ranks, but see, as you do, the fabrication of this pandemic and its full exposure as outright fraud, as central to the issue of stopping these eugenicists in their needle tracks.
    I’ll be attending the ‘Greater Reset’ and for the moment will continue to view all the panelists as allies for the cause, but remain convinced that this virus is a computer modelled, media generated, corporate government sponsored dastardly fabrication. The Emperor Wears No Clothes, I remain convinced…

  6. Matteo

    Even though I already knew that Dr. Mercola who in general I appreciate is sort of ‘in between the opinion fronts’, has his own agenda and is a savvy marketer in the health business, it still surprised me (even before this interview) that he does not look more into the details of ‘proof of virus’. But not only proof of existence, because the ‘denying’ or critical discussions in fact are mainly about what viruses actually do and cause and why (Only very few informed ‘deniers’ deny the existence of viruses but rather their claimed functions!). However it is also true that science has incredible difficulties to give final proof about the extremely complex processes of and in life especially with extremely small objects. More and more most of science is based on theoretical calculations / algorithms that by itself are based on theories only and not real world observation and critical thinking. And then there is always dogma and agendas by the rich and powerful misusing and perverting science. These effects and discussions are much older than SARS-COV-2 and the narrative goes back at least to the beginning of the ‘modern medical era’ which I would place at the beginning of the vaccination history. This history is extremely interesting and revealing. To just brush away what others have critically investigated for many years or even decades (Stefan Lanka, Jon Rappoport and Andrew Kaufman to just name a few) sadly brings one closer to the ruling class and mainstream narrative.

  7. Jon Dhoe

    Yet more obfuscation about the fake virus. Yet again another alt media person avoiding the central question. No challenge to Mercola.

    It matters a whole lot Derrick. If everyone accepted the SCIENTIFIC FACT that covid has not been isolated and cannot be proven to exist then the whole charade fall apart. Duh


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