Over the last year, the American people have faced a barrage of reports, exclaiming that the end is near, that COVID19 is the greatest threat to humanity, and that without lockdowns, masks, and vaccines we will not make it through. Despite the clear evidence that lockdowns damage the poorest among us, that masks offer limited protection, and the vaccines do NOT slow the spread of COVID, we are now facing calls for limitation of movement, restrictions from public life, and potentially, the isolation of those who choose not to abide by these measures.

The corporate media and select members of the medical establishment are choosing to use the current hysteria as an opportunity to shift the narrative, to impress upon the average person the idea that doctors and scientists are the new war heroes in the battle against COVID19. None but these technocrats should be trusted. In fact, anyone who challenges the narratives is facing banning on social media, loss of income, and verbal attacks from the mobs of of followers who hang on the every world of the medical mafia. Even doctors and scientists who step out of the approved messaging are becoming the targets of this illiberal mob.

While there are dozens of doctors and scientists calling for lockdowns, vaccine mandates, vaccine passports, and the like, none is likely more recognizable than Dr. Peter Hotez, the man who can be seen across cable news on a daily basis, calling for mandates and warning of the so-called “Anti-science empire”. This report is an attempt to expose the dangers of the words of Dr Hotez, Dr. Leanna Wen, and more specifically, the danger in the false belief in authority and worship of science. The true danger lies in the cult of scientism.

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