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  1. Deneicy

    Provocative poll. I frame the struggle as Free Humans vs NeoFeudal Technocrats who intend to oversee the transhumanist Fourth Industrial Revolution. The pandemic psy op created Lockstep, establishing the official Authority of experts, scientists and social engineers and setting up the system for Digital Identification. The social credit system would attempt to replace private exchange of currency in free market trading. Thus, both the vaccine mandates and passports in the poll are current threats.

    The next attack may be a hack attack to destabilize our financial markets, with blame on Russia. There will be another large wealth transfer for munitions to globalist Technocrats, who will finance all parties in the war. Their shared goal is to disrupt the current economies and shift public animosity on countries and leaders, rather than on the Technocracy running the rackets.

    White Supremacy/Racism is a distraction like all the isms used to start color revolution. If there’s a civil war, it will be another distraction to shift the blame on other humans, rather than on the wicked Cabal/Cult/Crown whose name we shall not speak.

    The biggest threat isn’t listed. It’s the human followers. But I just voted for some of the puppets executing the plans– Biden & Democrats. They’re my scapegoats. But the real problem is the SLEEPLE who will not awaken.


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