Micah Jackson and Derrick Broze of Free Thinker Radio check in with some big news: Free Thinker Radio is joining the FM dial on 90.1 FM KPFT Houston!

Starting Friday January 4th catch us on 90.1 FM from 3-4 pm! AND we will still be doing our two hour live broadcast on Monday’s from 4-6 pm on KPFT’s HD2 dial! Stay up to date with our show and upcoming guests at: www.thehoustonfreethinkers.com!

Big shout out to everyone who has supported us, The Houston Free Thinkers and Visionary Noise in our efforts to bring uncensored news, local music, events, and knowledge to Houston’s airwaves!

Available on 89.5 Galveston, 91.9 Huntsville, and 90.3 Goodrich as well.

Conscious Resistance Network is an independent media organization focused on empowering individuals through education, philosophy, health, and community organizing. We work to create a world where corporate and state power does not rule over the lives of free human beings.

Find more videos like this at: www.theconsciousresistance.com

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Support our work: Patreon.com/DerrickBroze

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