Derrick Broze breaks down how to use Freedom Cells to survive and thrive during a pandemic.

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Show Notes:

Prepper Foods and Supplies to Survive Coronavirus Without Leaving the House

Keep calm and cope: How to stay mentally healthy during coronavirus crisis

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  1. Cheryl Kelmar

    I have sent several messages asking to connect and to learn more and no one has responded to my email. How do I speak to someone about starting and/or joing a freedom cell. 805 869-8583

  2. Russell Wells

    It seems that there are lots of people asking what I am: How do we actually find people of like mind, close to us? All I can find are other people asking this question, but what I can’t find is an answer to it. I was hoping this web site would provide some mechanism, some way of announcing one’s location and willingness to connect. Does anyone have any ideas?


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