Actors, film makers, crew members, make-up artists and the rest of the film, TV and theater industry, this new website and company is an absolute must and could not have arrived at a better time. Mimakr Media is a production company that is creating an all inclusive industry website to help link all of the different talents in the industry together, a platform to promote all of your work, skills & background in one place and with the opportunity to be hired on to in-house film and video productions, all for free. Yes, a free website that does all of this. Check out their pitch here in the video below.

This website isn’t just another one of those pay to play type places most other industry websites and other sites like Facebook have become. Mimakr Media is a company that has latched on to something that is more than just a new trend, but latched on to the future of business and beyond, a future that technologies like the internet, peer to peer torrenting, Bitcoin and the Silk Road paved the way for. These new online generations of the world are beyond this idea that they have to pay for creative content or to share content with one another that is available on the web, so companies have to move beyond this way of thinking as well if they want to survive with the times.

Nowadays it is all about the platform that you offer, rather than simply the individual products or services you are promoting. People don’t only want to see what you have to offer, they want to see what everyone has to offer, and in one, easy to use place. That is what Mimakr does so brilliantly. Yes they want to use this platform to help get cast and crew and promote their own in-house work, but they also give everyone else the equal opportunity and platform to do the same. It is this unselfish, open source type thinking that is paving the way of the future.

Now in Mimakr’s case, we have the opportunity to help get this new way of doing business and thinking rolling. They currently have an campaign going on to help raise funds to get the website up and active. This is an opportunity for people like myself in the film industry, people in the other similar industries, promoters of new business models, promoters of open source technology and so many more to help get this new age in motion. I have joined the campaign, but time is running low, will you act as well? Please share or donate to the campaign today.

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