“Once Anarchy ensues there will be total destruction. People will run rampant on the streets killing each other. They will loot stores and burn buildings down to the grounds. They will wreak havoc and no one will be safe.”

This is the mental image most people I discuss anarchy with describe. The same images that we saw when Michael Brown was shot dead and a small minority of the citizens ran rampant on the streets with rage and destruction. The news media displayed burning buildings and stores being looted and people running in chaos down the streets. It portrayed a small example of the populations reactions to that event. This was done to instill fear in the hearts of Americans. To remind us all why we need the government. To remind us that even though our own police officers who are to “serve and protect” the people generate a system of injustices and our voices are deliberately ignored by them, but WE NEED GOVERNMENT because without it all chaos will ensue. Just like those images placed so vividly in our minds when we witnessed the destruction.

It’s interesting though because all of that chaos, and let me remind you that it was a small group of people who reacted negatively while a much larger mass of beautiful people were uniting and standing in peace and solidarity with Michael Brown and his family, but the media forgot to focus our attention on that for some odd reason. The chaos that occurred was due to an extreme amount of pain and injustice that the people felt. I do not agree with the violence that occurred on either end, but I understand the pain, the anger, the consistent injustice in the judicial system that is felt amongst the people. I understand their rage and I understand why they released it the way that they did. They didn’t know how to release this anger positively and so it exploded destructively, but it was due to the lack of sympathy from our very own government. From the system that claims to always take the higher moral ground, the system that pretends to save third world countries from evil corruption by supplying them with vaccines and genetically modified rice and armed troops to “guard” them. The government that will invade a country to take control of its natural resources and use it to create millions of dollars of revenue for an appointed government official yet leaves zero dollars for the people of the country who are starving and lack access to clean water. Yes, this is the government we speak of to protect us from all of that chaos that will happen if “anarchy” ever came into existence.

Anarchy is order. Anarchy will bring the natural order of the peoples back into its natural rhythmic cycle. Right now we are existing in chaos. THIS is chaos. As I write this bombs are being dropped, gunshots are being fired, people are dying from dehydration, all with the wonderful and loving hand of the government to guide us down this peaceful and safe route. Wait, so if the government actually represents chaos what does that mean for anarchy?

Anarchy is the complete opposite of any form of government and therefore must represent the opposite of what government represents. So is Anarchy order? That is correct. Anarchy brings order to the chaos. It allows groups of individuals to create a personalized system that works for them. It allows individuals to choose who and what they associate their time and money with. It allows total freedom to exist. If one set of individuals feel more comfortable paying taxes to a government who will in turn provide public education, public parks, public transportation, libraries, and law enforcement to protect the citizens then so be it, but we as individuals should have the freedom to choose what we see fit for ourselves.

In this current system we are forced to accept the majority vote even if we disagree. We are forced at the barrel of a gun to pay taxes and fund wars and a pathetic system of education for the future generation. We have no options, no choices. I believe we all deserve choices and I most certainly do not believe in forcing individuals to do as you say in any way, but especially not through violence. The system that is corrupt cannot be made pure. It is evil in its source. The only way to establish equilibrium again is to relearn how civilization works and this is scary. This is a daunting task for a population who is over worked, over stressed, and over medicated. We are the pioneers. We have to forge the path. It may be scary and we may fail, but we have to try. We cannot just sit by and watch the corruption continue. We cannot just stand by and lower our morals in order to support an evil system. We cannot just sit by and play their games of “voting the right people into power” when those “right people” are as evil and corrupt as the last person. We cannot sit by and let the world crumble into the flames. We can create change and we can create it now. We can fight back without resorting to violence. We can overcome this. Just believe in yourselves. I believe in us. I believe change is around the corner and I will be locked in arms with all the “dreamers” marching towards the opportunity for freedom for all of us. Which side will you choose?

-Cristina Urquieta

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