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When speaking of freedom and enslavement it’s important to acknowledge the abysmal, albeit improving, relationship between children and adults. Generations of conditioning have caused many adults to become bitter and hostile. This happens because of generations of parents treating children like wild beasts to be tamed, or slaves to be controlled. It should come as no surprise that these children eventually become adults who emulate this attitude of domination and spend their lives attempting to tame and control the external world.

The bond between parent and child is one of the strongest human relationships, and children have learned valuable life lessons from their families since the beginning of time. Because of this, many authoritarian societies have guided the structure of the family to mold future generations, even before those generations could enter the indoctrination centers we have come to know as public education. The establishment’s most effective form of propaganda is the ability to impose their values on young impressionable children through their parents.

Using the methods of propaganda that exist via the media, education systems, and religious institutions, the establishment has created a society where authoritarianism and domination is a part of everyday life. When parents raise their children, they draw from a lifetime of propaganda and feel a great sense of guilt when their child doesn’t accept the established norms in society. Children are free and full of spirit. Parents often forget what it’s like to be a child and simply don’t understand. Their oppressive culture and its abhorrent values have brought them so far away from their spirit that they feel something is wrong if their child does not conform to the establishment’s ideals.

This causes some parents to be authoritarian with their children in the hopes of encouraging conformity. What they are really doing is breaking their children’s spirits and preparing them to live in an oppressive world and submit to authority. Parents take this aggressive route due to the example that has been set by the established control systems. In our society, it is commonplace for authority figures to be controlling and close-minded. When an individual is treated as a slave rather than a free human, they often tend to behave in the same fashion if they find themselves in a position of authority themselves. Many good people who only want the best for their families put themselves and their children through a lot of pain and turmoil because they believe their child must live a certain way in order to obtain happiness. All of this stress and oppression is often carried out with the best of intentions, but it is with corrupted perceptions that parents are projecting society’s ideals onto their children.

Many modern parents aren’t passing earthly knowledge and wisdom to their children but are instead passing down a long list of cultural assumptions, idiosyncrasies, and misconceptions. They are passing along the aggressive, materialistic message of the aristocracy, which has been instilled in them through years of propaganda and indoctrination. Even worse is the fact that these false values are instilled through constant emotional—and sometimes physical—abuse. This has resulted in a situation where many children have been psychologically abused. With millions of children experiencing some form of trauma during childhood, is it any surprise that most of the adults in our society behave in such irrational ways?

As the empire’s facade crumbles and the middle class disappears, it is becoming more obvious that the ideals of our society are rotten with corruption. It is important that we don’t instill the same set of ideals in future generations, or we will be doomed to repeat this cycle of dominance and propaganda yet again. We should be protecting our children from the toxic culture that surrounds us instead of forcing them to conform to it. The values that drive our culture are the reason for a great deal of suffering across the world. These values not only have a detrimental personal impact but also lead other human beings to project the same oppressive, predator energy that is destroying our planet and our species.

Despite the existence of economic inequality, and continuing propaganda aimed at the minds of the youth, each new generation of children generally appear to be more widely respected. This has especially been the case since the 20th century. Physical child abuse, infanticide, pedophilia, and child slavery have been widespread throughout history. However, in the past century or so, society has become more conscious of the value of human life, and those horrors are much less common. Physical child abuse still takes place today, but it is more isolated due to the fear of legal punishment and its recent taboo nature.

There is still a great deal of emotional and psychological abuse that is dished out to most children¸ even by the most well-intentioned adults. Children are a minority group who remain second-class citizens in the eyes of most of the world. Their actions are scrutinized, their opinions are ignored, and their existence is seen as not much more than a burden. Many adults appear to secretly, and perhaps subconsciously, fear and envy children. This is because the child is a free spirit that represents change, which the adult has been trained to fear. They suppress their fear by attempting to tame and train the child just as they were tamed and trained.

This “taming” process is extremely confusing and traumatizing for the child, but unfortunately, most parents feel that it is their duty to mold their child to obey authority. Not many have questioned the morality or efficiency of this parenting strategy, but it is a question of extreme importance. Our children are the future of this world, and if they are not treated with respect and given freedom, there will never be freedom or respect in our societies. That’s not to say that children should be allowed to do whatever they want, but it means that they should not be treated like animals to be trained and controlled.

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