What is The Conscious Resistance and what does it stand for? To me, “The Conscious Resistance” is about finding awareness of what you seek to gather into a singular understanding of oneself; of what you stand for and/or against. It’s about analyzing a “natural self” inside a constantly bombarded, fearful “unnatural self”. If we are to adhere to self-governance, we must first seek to understand who we are and what we truly believe. We must separate the dark from the light aspects within the actions we undertake on a daily basis. This is key to directing our self-discipline into having an honest understanding of ourselves.

When I was younger, the following words came into my consciousness, I would like to share them with you:

“Make a mental note of whatever offends you, and ask yourself who or what programmed you to respond that way? Because it is in no way natural to become manic and emotional when presented with largely abstract concepts. Many people become very angry about certain issues and take on an almost militant attitude about issues that have nothing at all to do with their own lives. This type of behavior, once limited to heavily dogmatized religious adherents and communist mindsets, has made its way into the mainstream of culture, and if one is able to recognize and acknowledge it in oneself, this leads to a dynamic paradigm shift. All revolution must come to you by way of fearless and brutally honest self-analysis. Learning to accept and admit fault is key; one also must never set boundaries on one’s own perception.”

As my paradigm shift continues, I find that there is no single article, link, blog, book, or library that can provide a truly comprehensive understanding of what is going on here on this satellite we call Earth, because understanding is something that cannot be given, received, or memorized. It must be autonomously produced within your own consciousness.

I believe that how we think directs us. The Conscious Resistance helps us self-direct those thoughts and fears into a positive direction and action. The origins of the word “conscious” date back to the late 16th century, in the sense of “being aware of wrongdoing”. In Latin, it means “knowing with others or in oneself”. The origin of “resistance” from late Latin “resistentia” means “hold back”.

When we speak of The Conscious Resistance, we speak of the power of the individual to recognize and resist wrongdoing, and to pursue positive action towards a better future. We understand that the world we live in can be challenging to navigate, and that it is up to us to find the awareness and understanding needed to navigate it with purpose and intention. We believe that each of us has a part to play in shaping the future of this planet we call home, and that it is through holding back the forces of wrongdoing that we can create a better world for ourselves and future generations. The Conscious Resistance is about taking responsibility for our own lives and the world around us, and working towards a brighter tomorrow.

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