Journalist Derrick Broze reviews a few stories related to forced quarantines of those who refuse COVID19 tests and/or vaccines. Derrick also asks, how are the free people of the world going to organize to prevent medical authoritarians (And their blind followers) from completing their medical tyranny scheme.

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 Man in forced detention in a Canada COVID hotel

Quarantine of Travelling Canadians Raises Human Rights Concerns

CDC Preparing Quarantine Camps

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4 Responses

  1. Jesi

    Aloha bruh.
    Mahalo fo yur works.
    Part way thru yur talks ,da sound gets turned off. Two times taday yo.
    Guidance an protection

  2. Fuzz

    I’m going to be headed west at some point of my trip. If I decide to head back home to Costa Rica, can I get through the other borders after Mexico? Probably on a motorcycle.

  3. cyma

    Great video! Especially about being goal-oriented and solution-centric
    Fear is the biggest trap of all

  4. Fuzz

    Hey man… (fucker) I gave up on you. I have a small finca in CR, 23 years now, and I’m here now for a month or three but mostly in Douglas AZ getting the word out.
    As I told you in the post above (Fuzz) in Feb 2021 I’m riding again through Central America and would love to meet you. I’m at a temp number +506 8947-3842 and you don’t need no stinkin shot or test.
    I’m probably going to ride through to Douglas in the next month or so. It would be nice to have some contact info from you, no shit, I love what you’re doing and need to sit around a fire and talk! And Listen!


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