I think, therefore I am an anarchist.
I live, therefore I own myself.
You don’t think!” cries the doubter.
Anarchy is chaos.” proclaims the authoritarian
Oh but the State is not, murdering millions and millions,” I reply in perplexity.
The State is oppressive, the state is dysfunctional.
The State takes over like a cancer in the body.
The Constitution with a Second Amendment limits the State to a manageable size,” says the Constitutionalist.
Words on a piece of paper mean nothing to the State,” I answer.
This system is a scam, I know it to be true.
Violence is not the answer.
The State thrives with violence.
I don’t fear a Stateless world,
No rulers doesn’t mean no rules.
Human nature is not Lord of The Flies.
The vast majority will not kill in mass.
I little competition, but mostly cooperation is the reality of anarchy.
I do fear the gun at my head, the knife at my throat, sword at my chest, bomber over head.
Humans are not cattle to be herded and controlled.
Let seven billion and counting people organize themselves
My rights are innate, I didn’t get them from a State or a God.
Respect for the individual leads to respect for all.
One size doesn’t fit all.
We are all anarchists, we just don’t know it yet.
Discovering true freedom is the light we search.
I am a free human being
No State, no God, no one can change this fact.
I think, therefore I am an anarchist.
I live, therefore I own myself.

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