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I will be taking a break for 3-4 weeks starting today.

I will continue writing weekly articles at TLAV and I have one more special report to drop TOMORROW, but beyond that I am going to limit my social media involvement as much as possible except for campaign updates.

I desperately need a break from the daily interaction of social media so I can continue to work on The Pyramid of Power (just finished writing Chapter 14!), as well as an upcoming essay or book on the life of Samuel E. Konkin III, and a book proposal for a publisher relating to the Fluoride Lawsuit. I am also going to be focusing on an upcoming event in Houston featuring Mark Passio, and working on The Greater Reset 5.

Finally, as many of you have heard recently, I was kicked off the ballot in Houston because of an 18-year old non-violent felony. I am now going to be filing a federal lawsuit against the state of Texas to attempt to overturn this unconstitutional, bad law. Stay tuned for more info on that, but in the mean time learn more here and please donate if you can!

While I take this break I would greatly appreciate if you watched what I would consider some of my most important recent reports. Each of them relate to a topic that I believe is of utmost importance at this moment. Please see the sources of each for further research.

Watch these 12 reports during my break:

#FluorideEmails Reveal Cover Up at the Highest Levels of the U.S. Government

A Brief Study of Rudolf Steiner’s Life and Beliefs

Should You Trust Elon Musk? Feat. Webb, Corbett, Bermas, Cristian & Broze

Suppressed Documents Show Scientists with U.S. Government Find Fluoride Lowers IQ in Children

Reflecting on 10 Years of Activating Hearts and Minds with Public Speaking

The Freedom Cell Network is a Gateway to Unbanking, Unschooling, Permaculture, and Defeating the Great Reset

Charles Lieber, Nanotech & the Future of Freedom with Ryan Cristián

James Corbett: The Biosecurity State, Germ Theory, RFK Jr, & the Transgender-Transhuman Connection

What Is the Matrix? A Message for My Nephew

Exit and Build from Unhealthy Mindsets & Limiting Beliefs

The Pyramid of Power: Chapter 13 – The Technocratic State

Identity Crisis: An Investigation of the Gender Identity Debate

I hope you can make the time to watch at least SOME of them.

Thank you for the support. If you appreciate my efforts please consider signing up for monthly support on Substack or Buy Me a Coffee!

– Derrick Broze

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