Immigrants should not be blamed for the massive welfare State in the US.  Here’s why.  The Government and the people in charge(like the president) are the ones allowing this to happen.  They are are the source.  They write the laws and pass the mandates.  The immigrants would not be able to receive any of our tax money if the politicians did not make this possible in the first place. The immigrants are only taking what’s been made available to them-as anyone would! You’d be a silly not to.


It’s not as if they are coming over here on their own accord and then forcing the politicians to offer them entitlements paid for by everyone else’s taxes. It goes the opposite direction. The politicians are using the entitlements that they created from stolen money to bribe immigrants to come over here and bolster their voting base. Be mad at them.


If immigration stopped altogether, the State would certainly find another way to steal our money and oppress us. They would find another group to entice with their handouts. No future president is ever really gonna change that. cough cough Trump cough.  Even if someone does, he or she will find yet another way to steal, lie and cheat. It’s the nature of the presidency! Power always corrupts.


Any big name voluntaryist that connects immigration and welfare without looking at the glue that holds them together (the State) is only perpetuating prejudice and causing division among a lot of people. That is exactly what they want. if we fight with each other, then we won’t have any animosity left for the tyrannical ruling class.


This is a big picture argument.  I feel like they work better with philosophical principles.  I’m not crazy about numbers and statistics even though they can come in handy in a practical sense and when you wanna pander to a minarchist audience.  
It starts with the psychopaths at the top. direct your fury UP. Not over.


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