Derrick Broze is back for another quick update on the latest lies exposed surrounding the storming of the US Capitol and what this means for the search for truth.

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3 Responses

  1. Paul Cardin

    I’m wondering how the authorities will deal with the public’s current perception of vaccines which appears to be split 50/50 and leaning towards a growing mistrust of the companies and their products. So different from the post-war times when we’d all queue up with our children for our injected salvation.

    But do the authorities want to deal with vaccines’ growing unpopularity, or will they leave it alone, maybe encourage it?

    Could this situation be occurring by design? A plummeting reputation for vaccines would play into the hands of any powerful people with eugenicist leanings, because presumably, widespread illnesses will spread as and when historically “good” vaccines get very little global take-up from mistrusting populations.

    I’m confirming my own biases here – I know – by offering these unevidenced suggestions, but when I see three or four competing vaccines being released all at once, all simultaneously making outlandish claims about 95% effectiveness, this is almost bound to get our suspicions racing around the reliability of these products. Couple that with the historically dubious conduct of the vaccine makers and they $multibillion fines for anti-trust, criminal, unethical behaviour and it’s a potent brew.

  2. Rachelle

    There is a SHIT TON of vaccine propaganda, so it’s obviously important to them, but at the same time, I get the feeling like they are going for broke. Like who cares about those who won’t get the vaccine, or those who question vaccines. They have too much power now to worry. Controlling people by bodily implants and spying from outer space is just round the corner. Watch Catherine Austin Fitz if you haven’t seen her. People aren’t going to get sick if they DON”T get vaccines. Have you researched this?


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