In being a melanin deficient woman I am privileged in my oppression.
Yes, should I have some type of intellectual insight it may have its chance of making rounds in the conscious community.

My body/ white flesh
equals corporate standard of beauty.

The key element missing in these self titled
conscious collectives is that of woman of color.

Going to websites with heavy footprints
I look around and ask myself….
Where are the black and brown rhythms
their songs cannot be found.

This is a calling on multiple fronts

I will first say this to any woman of color.

We urgently need your narratives in these globally desperate times. To combine the circles of thought and insight into richer, deeper, raw/ core narratives.

We need you to say stop.
The times have changes.

The torch has been passed.
And so many other chants, and songs of old,
we need your medicine.

Now, white men specifically in the conscious endeavors

let this be for you:

Is your colorblindness and cultural disregard for the oppression of woman and different minority groups so easy to shrug off through histories of violence by stating a simplistic narrative of “we are all one”?
Repeating this mantra that we are equal as your body thrusts forward in your needs for comfort and control.

These mantras are here only for your gain. Now, ask yourself.. whom do you silence in the request to forget past pains
because we now have “equal standing”?

Are you truly ignorant to the fact that being in the American corporate empire strictly defined by the holy hierarchy, lusting over the next battlefield in the spirit of war and patriarchal standards, can simply be washed away by the false ideologies that we all have equal standing?

Awaken! No longer will you shrug off these core issues by perpetuating the oppression of unspoken remedies. Encouraged motion directed by all networks.
And do you truly believe your opinion, your insight is really so radical when your hypocritical historical attitudes are to put down woman anytime we have a harsh, spirit-filled critique?

Coming back with statements of unacceptability/
redirections with words like ” let’s keep it positive” or  “lets not go there”, perpetuating our silence in rhythms so desperately needed in these horrendous times.

In the age where we have allowed our children to fight in the front lines of these symbolic and literal battlefields,

In every one of these threats of status you ignite a fury that has experienced generational hatred and suppression.

Now I will bring it to the present – a legitimate example

This February there is a international conference going on in Acapulco, Mexico. The title is Anachapulco, it is the largest anarcho-capitalist/freedom conference in the entire world.

The question I bring to you is

How is this movement going to be any different when there is not one person of color speaking at this entire event?

This is a reflection of the times.
With 16 featured speakers there are thirteen Caucasian-looking men. And a gathering of very white looking woman who are featured in pictures that look as if they are in a playboy magazines looking for a good fuck.

These featured woman are profiled as “The Babes of Anarchapulco”.

Where is the sacredness of motherly wisdom?

Ladies, are y’all really that blind/truly desensitized?

We all know bodies of color are not allowed in the intellectual circles dominated by white male dialogue and overly sexualized woman,

But you know the ones with melanin
They got them beats/
them rhythms n flows /
that medicine/
the drum
we as a collective culture literally can’t live without.

I ask furiously
What about the underbelly/
what about black mothers losing their children to violence/
what of the latinos experiencing raids where families are being torn to bits?
What of the Hmongs some still living in jungles because america has closed his doors to them?
What of the native who are still in the reservations?

Are you scared of what they have to say?
Their critiques and insights.
You of the collective “Change, and Freedom”  are nowhere near the radical front.
Yes, there is much work to be done.

The Unscratched regions of our collective body
The corners of our society which have never been privileged enough to experience freedom.

Surviving in a system purposely created to breed them out.
Slaughtering of their culture, values and ideologies.
What of them?
Where are they?

Physically attacked on all fronts
Children’s colored bodies moving with no protection in every form of extremes,

as we’ve seen even in school systems, where children should be nurtured and protected, they are beaten and treated as criminals with no rights of ownership over their sacred self.

In my opinion, the true movement for freedom, the largest and most radical actions of anarchy can be found in the core of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Indo-Afro future.
This is a global movement.
The masters of anarchy guided by the wisdom of the great protectors of humanity bringing international dialog of core issues and solutions The fight of generational non recognition is awake and raging/ forcing systematic change into our psyches while you shrug them off as thugs and racists.

I demand you allow the oppressed the right of free thought, expression and speech.

For the groups, Fighting endlessly in a furious and very real battle, I send you love and strength.
For them this battle did not begin on 9/11 when the fragile minds of white America were exposed to truth, the truth they have always known but historically ignored.

Now, I give praise and thanks to all woman of color who use their gifts of insight and knowledge as urgent gifts for our minds.
Warriors at the root of its essence.

I want to make it clear,
I am not here to create division.
I only wish to highlight the missing key elements for the true progression of humanity.

My motives:
To wash away white dominance, patriarchal hierarchy and genuinely make room for a new picture
a new story
one which has been forgotten but is crying loudly in my dreams,

This is my letter to all whom take part in conscious efforts, it is time for us to make sure we lift every voice big, small, black, white, Woman, man, trans, bi, gay,child or elder.
Every body.

It is time we radically break down walls of old comforts and grow to our fullest potentials.

There is always room for progression and next year I hope to see this conference acknowledging the absolute need to diversify and remove the patriarchal standards applied.

I leave you with something I hope we can all say together:

Lust for war no more
the torch has been past

the spirits of old have risen

Restart button been pushed
the end has been given

lust for war no more
you have been forgiven

lust war no more
Lust for war no more
it is the end of division



155640 05: NASA astronaut Ellen Ochoa during training at Vance Air Force base in Houston, TX., 1993. (Photo by NASA/Liaison)

155640 05: NASA astronaut Ellen Ochoa during training at Vance Air Force base in Houston, TX., 1993. (Photo by NASA/Liaison)


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  1. Hans Norved

    some good points… however not totally true.. just a bit of fact checking here… Erica Harris.. is a ‘woman of colour’ involved in Anarchapulco personally known to me, living in Belize … so it is important to tell the ‘whole truth’ in addition to ‘nothin but the truth’!
    Though more women and men of different nationalities and races are welcome at Anarchapulco I am sure! (you may contact me if you need to) Next one in held in Feb 2021… dont bring your mask or social distancing..


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