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“Greetings everyone at the conscious resistance network! My name is Isaac Lindenberger and I would like to introduce myself to all of you. To start, I will tell you about my passions.

My main interest is the nature of consciousness; I personally love exploring metaphysics; topics related to other dimensions, spirituality, and even psychedelics. I specifically research entheogens, or psychedelics that “generate the divine within” and have even been to Brazil to research the Church Of Santo Daime, a religion that can legally use a shamanic brew similar to ayahuasca, which is Daime, ceremonially as an act of communion with the divine. In Portuguese, the native language of Brazil, Daime means “give me.” Through the faithful act of surrendering one’s ego, one can attain sacred knowledge. They have a legend that Jesus turned water into Daime because it is a wine, which makes sense really! Make something to elevate your consciousness to the father rather than suppress it. While this is certainly interesting local lore at the very least, what is certainly true, is that the mystical experiences entheogens provide to those who use them properly have profound spiritual, mental and physical benefits.

I really believe that these plants can help us to become our true selves. What does that actually mean, though? To be your true self? Well, if an intention exist within you mentally, that isn’t always enough for it to be carried out. Thoughts can be spontaneously secular. You may want to be healthy, but make poor food choices in the moment, For others, you may want to be clean, but are struggling with a difficult addiction. That on-scene decision, where you go against your conscious will, is your 3-dimensinonal self. Your true self intended to break the bad habit, but is often unable. How do we align ourselves with our behavior with our conscious intention? The real way is through personal empowerment, to realize your full potential without relying on anything external, for truth lies within. You are a sovereign individual full of creativity and life, and that deserves to be expressed to the fullest it can be. Sacred medicines can help with this, but they are only a piece of the puzzle; meditation, lucid dreaming and mindfulness are other ways to empower yourself.

Along with these interesting topics, I will also be discussing anarchy, agorism, crypto-currency, decentralization, and the like! I can’t wait to get to know more of you, learn your ideas and have the opportunity to share my own with like minded people . To start, I am going to post an interview I had with Derrick Broze, the founder of TCR, on spirituality and agorism, followed by an interview with Rick Strassman who did the research on DMT in the 90s that prompted the documentary “DMT: The Spirit Molecule” by Joe Rogan! So stay tuned, stay weird, and keep being awesome.”

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