In recent weeks there has been lots of debate on the pros and cons of crypto and blockchain technology.
There have been people trying to draw lines in the sand and say, “if you use crypto, you are compromised, etc”. I disagree with this line of thinking.

Instead, I think we should recognize that we all, clearly, use technology to varying degrees.
We each decide what is an acceptable use for our lives and desired privacy. I do not believe this should mean we cannot collaborate and/or build solutions together.

Unfortunately, not everyone will agree. In this extremely important time it’s absolutely necessary to be critical of the projects, individuals, and technologies being presented to us.
We must decide what works best for our individual situation, and what will produce (or contribute to) our liberation and happiness. If that means using/investing in cryptocurrency, so be it. If that means supporting or investing in blockchain projects, great.

Personally, I find value in using cryptocurrency to avoid the banks and government
. I also see the potential for blockchain when it is built with privacy, decentralization, and freedom in mind. But, even if you don’t see the value in crypto or blockchain, or, perhaps, you think myself and other activists are “useful idiots” for using it, then don’t make use of it.

Regardless, I hope we can find a way to focus on our areas of agreement and common ground.
I pray we can put aside our egos and petty differences and collaborate so we can ALL opt out of the Technocratic State and build the better world we know is possible.

To hear more of my thoughts on this, please consider reading my latest article for The Last American Vagabond.

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– Derrick Broze
Founder, Editor
The Conscious Resistance Network

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2 Responses

  1. Marcus

    Problem is crypto & blockchain only work using the internet which can be turned off outside of your control like the social credit system in China, say or do the ‘wrong’ thing & they switch you off

  2. jon

    I like Arrr (Pirate Chain), I’m not sure if it is decentralized. Which coins would be decentralized? I think Algo is, I don’t know if that one is private though. And Nano is a lattice system, which might be decentralized? But not private.


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