Derrick Broze sits down with researcher and developer Ramiro Romani to discuss his recent article about the potential pitfalls of Protonmail’s encrypted email service. We will cover Ramiro’s concerns, Protonmail’s response, and suggestions for email services which can be trusted. Don’t miss out on this powerful interview!

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Show Notes:
Ramiro’s original piece:

Protonmail’s official response:

As a company, we care deeply about our users and making the world a better place. For us, privacy and security are deeply held core beliefs that come before profits.

We know that trust is earned, not given. The names and backgrounds of our leadership team are in public record, and their scientific careers and credentials can be independently verified. All our code is also open-source and can be verified independently by security experts and auditors. We are committed to doing what is right to be worthy of your trust.

Proton’s vision is to build an internet where privacy is the default, and your continued support makes this possible.

Potential email alternatives:

Ramiro’s projects:

Above Agency


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  1. Cynthia Idi

    I keep trying to reset my password for the freedom cell network but it just has me going back and forth– from my email account to the freedom cell place– just back and forth over and over, It says to check my email and I do and then when I click “reset” suddenly I’m back at freedom cells cite and its saying to do it over.


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