Derrick Broze breaks down why you should reject “The New Normal”.

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Show Notes:

‘The new normal’: China’s excessive coronavirus public monitoring could be here to stay

We’re not going back to normal

‘Papers, please’: France adapts to life on coronavirus lockdown

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  1. Karl West

    Our government is hijacked by those who are robbing our nation of all of its wealth intending to even Mass murder us. The swamp rats can this be identified as Stake Holders in the New World Order. They are the elite BECAUSE they have robbed this nation! They join the other Elite along with many in Big Tech etc. Most surprising to most people is how the Medical Dictatorship is being controlled to work in tandem with these Stake Holders. Perhaps because the people placed over Hospitals ARE also included as Stake Holders in the New World Order (now known as the Great Reset). Everything heinous from allowing a flood of illegal aliens (who often want socialism to laundering money disguised as Foreign Aid (and taking kickbacks) and anything else that can destroy our economy is being supported as GOOD… Let’s bring them all to justice! Let’s prosecute them and GET the money back! Stop China from buying up what was once America! Force the genocidal Bill Gates to give us back our Farm Land !!! etc!!!


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