In this powerful interview, John Bush talks to James Corbett of the Corbett Report to shine light on how COVID-19 has accelerated the insider’s plans to usher in a technocratic and authoritarian global government.

By better understanding the plans and agenda of the global elite, we can more effectively strategize on how to opt out and insulate ourselves from the “Great Reset”.

Topics in the interview will include 9/11, COVID tyranny, vaccines, the 2030 Agenda, The Great Reset, agorism, solutions, and the elite’s strategy of problem-reaction-solution.

The two will also explore how blockchain technology simultaneously offers hope for decentralization while also providing a means for those in power to better track, trace, and control the public.

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  1. delaina

    People’s Rights group has local people showing up at threatened businesses to block physically the city code people from fines and threat of arrest. Look up the group, join a branch in your area. It’s free and they are making a difference. Stand up for your community and your neighbors.


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