Derrick Broze breaks down the rise of facial recognition technology and asks, is it too late to stop facial recognition technology?


The Rise Of Facial Recognition Technology Is Now Inevitable

“Historic Judgment” As India’s Nationwide Biometric ID Database Ruled Constitutional

The Government Wants Airlines to Delay Your Flight So They Can Scan Your Face

TSA Facial Recognition Experiment Receives 85% Accuracy Rate ”

Feds Force Child Porn Suspect To Unlock Smartphone With His Face

Here’s What Happens When We Allow Facial Recognition Technology in Our Schools

Military and U.S. Law Enforcement Establishing Joint Communication Network for Biometric Databases

If Facial Recognition Comes to Body Cameras, How Will Government Respond?

The Always-On Police Camera

Don’t Fall for the Police Body Camera Deception

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One Response

  1. Gen Agustsson

    i have no idea whether its too late to stop facial recognition or not! i am 99% against facial scanning recognition!


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