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Welcome to the ‘Liberty Lens‘, the personal content hub of ‘Neil Liberty Radimaker‘, co-founder of The Conscious Resistance Network. As an investigative journalist, filmmaker, and cinematographer, Neil uses his unique perspective to explore a variety of topics related to individual freedom, peaceful resistance, and alternative solutions to mainstream problems. Through written articles, video content, podcasts, and interviews with experts, Neil shares his insights on unconventional topics and alternative perspectives. These include defending civil liberties, promoting alternative economics, exploring holistic health and wellness, delving into esoteric and paranormal topics, and exposing globalist agendas.

By exploring these topics, Neil seeks to empower individuals to think critically and question the status quo. With a commitment to promoting personal freedom, he offers an insider’s view of the world of investigative journalism and independent media. Follow his journey as he uncovers truths on issues that affect our world today. The ‘Liberty Lens’ invites you to explore with us! Join the conversation, and discover a new lens through which to view the world.


Neil “Liberty” Radimaker is a journalist, filmmaker, and co-founder of The Conscious Resistance Network. He left the corporate world in 2010 to care for his beautiful wife who suffers from multiple chronic and autoimmune illnesses. In addition to his work with the network, Neil is also a liberty activist and advocates for individual freedom, peaceful resistance, and alternative solutions to mainstream problems. He has directed and produced documentaries, short films, and has collaborated with various alternative media outlets and organizations such as Cop Block, News2Share, and The Free Thought Project. Neil has spoken at conferences and events on topics related to liberty, individual sovereignty, nonviolent communication, and decentralized media.

Prior to his work as a journalist and filmmaker, Neil worked as a graphic & web designer, musician, and photographer. His videography and editing skills have been utilized by networks such as MTV, TruTV, Animal Planet, Epix, and KCAL9 of CBS. He has worked alongside, and studied under, famed photographers Shane O’Neal, Mike Prado, Dominic Petruzzi, and Isaac Madera, as well as producers and directors like Rod Roddenberry, Scott Colthorp, and Aaron Wilder. 

Neil’s unique approach to his projects is fueled by his polymathic nature, which draws inspiration from a myriad of skills to exemplify his well-rounded expertise and insight in the multi-media industry. Neil supports the non-aggression principle, agorism, voluntaryism, and believes in direct action that fosters positive change.

Neil and Derrick at the Sacred 'Giant Rock' in Landers, CA.


“When the person you love suffers from multiple chronic and autoimmune diseases/illnesses, life can feel like a prison for both of you. It’s as if a third party is stealing from you what others take for granted without a second thought: a dance, a walk, a kiss, a smile, a trip somewhere nice, dreams, goals, plans, happiness. However, when you finally get that brief moment of joy or peace it’s like starving and getting a bite of your favorite meal when dirt would have done just fine. This fight has made us stronger than anyone could ever know, and our finite time ever more valuable to ourselves.

All we want is to be free from this rat race, to live the way we want to, to do what we want to do, in a way that cannot and will never produce a victim. It’s already hard enough that we are limited in the ways that we are. But when the government comes in and makes what’s possible illegal, we have no choice but to fight harder, inward and outward. That’s why we’re seeking alternative means of healing and survival.

Our hope is to spread awareness about chronic illnesses and the struggles faced by those who live with them. It’s important for others to understand the reality of living with these conditions, and the impact it has on individuals and their loved ones. We also strive to promote a system that supports individuals in seeking their own path to healing and happiness, free from unnecessary government intervention. Our ultimate goal is to create a place where everyone has the freedom to choose what’s best for them, without fear of persecution or harm.”

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