Editors Note: The Conscious Resistance Network does not endorse ANY candidate for 2016, 2020, and beyond. Adam Kokesh is a friend to our team, but we wholeheartedly disagree with his intentions to run for president. 

When Adam Kokesh began an IndieGoGo campaign at the end of 2014 there were still a lot of questions to be answered.  What was his book FREEDOM! about, when were the 30,000 copies Adam ordered going to arrive and was the American Campfire Freedom Tour actually going to occur?

The fundraiser met its goal on the very last day, it was a race to the finish line the entire way and after the goal was met Adam went dark for a couple of weeks.  There were no updates on the tour or when those of us who contributed could expect our copies of the book.

The wait didn’t last long though, come April the tour began and lasted well in to the Fall of 2015.  Adam and his fiancé Macey brought their 19 foot trailer home around the country to any like minded establishment that would have them.

Here we are, a little more than a year later and not only was the American Campfire Freedom Tour a great success, but on top of that the message of FREEDOM! has spread so far and wide that Adam has moved on to his second tour, FOR THE LOVE OF FREEDOM!

If you missed the first time FREEDOM! was brought on the road this is your chance to meet the author whose message is one of personal freedom and responsibility.

From soldier to war activist, television and online news personality, political prisoner, author, homesteader and Libertarian.  Adam Kokesh is a Political Revolution and a Big Tent Party all by himself.

This tour brings the message of FREEDOM! back on the road, it will also serve as an exploratory trip to measure the support for a potential Kokesh 2020 Presidential bid.  A Presidential Campaign that promises to bring about an orderly, peaceful dissolution of the US Government.

For more information about Adam Kokesh:

For Immediate Release: June 6, 2016
CONTACT: Amanda Parsons
Phone: (602) 551-6789
Email: amanda@thefreedomline.com

Many individuals believe that the message of freedom is popular, and Adam Kokesh is no exception.

Beginning in August, Kokesh will be kicking off his FOR THE LOVE OF FREEDOM! National Tour. The tour will go until the end of October. It will include 60 events across the continental United States. He will be distributing free copies of his book FREEDOM! at every event, which is currently in its fourth printing, with two million downloads.

“I started writing FREEDOM! because I wanted the ultimate tool to share the message as easily, efficiently, and joyously as possible,” explained Kokesh.

The FREEDOM! tour will help Kokesh gauge national interest for his Presidential run in 2020. He hopes to confirm the support of current fans, while gaining the support of new ones.

“If support continues to build, next summer I will announce that I am running for President on the platform of peacefully abolishing the entire federal government in an orderly manner and returning all of its land and stolen property directly to the people,” said Kokesh.

All events on the tour are free and open to the public. To help support the tour financially, Kokesh will be holding off-the-record meet and greets before each event. To purchase meet-and-greet tickets, make monetary donations or become a volunteer, please visit: thefreedomline.com.

To see Adam’s complete announcement statement:

To watch Adam’s video announcement:

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