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June 19th, 2016

This was an interview that was supposed to air on Liberty Under Attack Radio on June 19th, but a series of unfortunate technological difficulties prevented that from happening. That said, here it is: Derrick Broze on freedom cells. Enjoy and please consider contributing to LUA (links below). To deal with the aforementioned technical difficulties and still be able to put on a show that doesn’t discuss the news cycle or grievances takes a lot of frustration and vigilance.


Download this interview.

Here are some links Derrick recommends:

The Full Circle Project



Organizing Against Violent Cops (referenced by Broze)

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About The Author


Shane is the founder of Liberty Under Attack and is committed to promoting the peaceful philosophy of Voluntaryism. In his spare time, he enjoys drumming, riding ATV's, and a good glass of scotch.

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