On Tuesday December 4, Derrick Broze attended the civil trial relating to the crimes of Jeffrey Epstein. He spoke with journalist, researcher, investigator Wayne Madsen about the claims of Katie Johnson regarding Donald Trump and Jeffrey Epstein.

Find his work: https://waynemadsenreport.com/

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2 Responses

  1. Ask Dr if Ho'oponopono is right for you

    My family that fought 70 years ago must be a nazi, Zalenskyy is the Angel and that’s why UKrainian flag flies in Normandy on D-Day 70 years later. Because I am my family are Nazi Scum. Right.

    Just look at this book by Wayne Madsen. If your in MAGA your a nazi too according to Wayne’s world. Wayne isn’t a legit Journalist and Sadly if Derrick thinks wayne is right then we are all nazis then there’s really no point being friendly to the Conscious Resistance . com who also has gone to the dark side.

    I don’t like Wayne, I put him on the Fake news list.
    Zalenskyy is nazi
    Yeah I’m forcing you to pick a side. This book is outrageous. Where’s that fourth Reich now Derrick? Looks more like USA is communist to me.


  2. Ask Dr if Ho'oponopono is right for you

    * Before 2014 Ukraine was Nazis.
    * California (and Tennissee) National Guard have been fingerpainting with nazis for two plus deacades — now we see it’s mRNA bioweapon labs.
    * Now State Department is buddy Buddy NO CONFIDENCE
    * CIA toppled the legit government of UKraine in 2014 then Genocide Donbas for 8+ years.

    Focusing on the caboose Sex allegation (half probably not right) you miss the train Kissinger-Epstein Nuclear/Bioweapon back-channel.

    That’s another reason I don’t like Wayne.


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